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Student Study Guide

Assessment Online, your RTO and your Assessor have selected quality textbooks to support your learning. Discuss your learning, training and study schedule with your Assessor. Ideally, you are already prepared and ready to complete your assessment.

Student Instructions

Setting the context for assessment and the assessment parameters are essential to ensuring a fair, reliable and valid outcome.

Feel free to discuss or clarify the instructions with your Assessor.

As you complete your reading, clicking on the top right of this window will take you to Question 1; Question 2 and so on.

Should you wish to return to the main menu, click on ToC (Table of Contents) at the top right of your computer.


Use the space provided: Student response to type your answer.

Don't feel that you're limited to a written response only. Assessment Online will accept: photos; video; audio and other types of documents. Simply 'drag and drop' the file you would like to include to the 'Cloud' icon under the heading: Uploads.

Some assessment tasks or activities will ask you to download and complete a template or a report that's provided. Simply double click of the file and it will open. Save it onto your computer, complete your work; save it with a new file name and 'drag and drop' your completed work.


You can save your work and return to the same assessment task or activity at any time.


When you are happy with your response use your mouse to tick on the box: Check to submit your answer for assessment.

This is your final response so be sure you're happy to move forward.

Your Assessor will receive notification you've submitted a final response and begin the assessment process. They will provide feedback on your result as soon as possible.

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