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Q. How much is each unit of competency?

A. Just $18+GST. Some units are clustered. Your investment remains a consistent at $18+GST per unit.

Q. What do you mean clustered? Do I pay more?

A. Units of competency can include criteria that are common with other units. Clustered units of competency are developed to assess each unit without duplicating or repeating the assessment tasks.

  • Your investment remains a constant $18.00+GST per unit.
  • Where 2 units are clustered your investment is $36.00+GST
  • Where 3 units are clustered your investment is $54.00+GST

And so on.

Q. Will the assessments pass audit?

A. There can never be a guarantee. In fact, you should be wary of developers offering an audit guarantee. We have an exceptional track record, passing multiple ASQA audits without alteration or comment.

Q. Do the assessments cover each aspect of the unit of competency?

A. Yes. The Performance Criteria, Performance Evidence and Knowledge Evidence are assessed using a range of assessment methods supported by a detailed mapping document.

Q. Do I get instructions on how to ‘make it work’?

A. Yes, please refer to our User’s Guide

Q. Can I see a sample of an assessment before I buy?

A. Yes. Search and select SAMPLE UNIT. You will need to register and pay $1.00+GST. You will view a sample unit of competency that demonstrates the assessment methodology and approach. It also illustrates the functionality and ease of use available to the student, assessor and the RTO.

Q. How do I receive the unit once the purchase is made?

A. Once you register you will have your own sub-domain - for example: https://yourname.oamsapp.com.au – with your login and password.

Q. Is Assessment Online also a student management system?

A. No. Simply enrol your student (as usual) then manually enter their core details into your the student's interface Assessment Online.

When the student is finished, you will receive a Completion Transcript that details the student's result. Enter the student's result into your student management system and produce the certificate, as usual.

You can check the student's Completion Transcript at any time.

Q. Can I sync Assessment Online with my student management system?

A. Yes. Our developers will work with your developers to create a seamless platform integrated with your preferred student management system.

Q. How much will this cost me?

A. There’s some variables to consider. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Q. How do students submit their answers?

A. The student simply types the answer into the computer using the space provided. Each assessment question, task or activity is included and is presented on the screen with a space provided for the response. No cumbersome PDF downloads or multiple pages to negotiate.

The student may progressively save their work and submit everything with the 'click of the button' when complete.

Q. Can the student submit extra files, documents, photos and similar to support their answer?

A. Yes, a BROWSE & UPLOAD option is available for each question, task and activity.

Q. Will Assessment Online work on a tablet or phone or other mobile device?

A. Yes, the Assessment Online platform will work on any device.

Q. How can I assess practical assessment tasks like a role-play online?

A. Assessment instructions, parameters, assessment context and conditions of assessment are clear and available to both the student and the assessor.

Using a tablet, phone or the computer, the assessor will access the marking guide and assess the student's role play practical assessment. The marking guide is a detailed breakdown of observable actions. It is a 'live' online form that the assessor will use to accurately capture and record the whole activity.

Q. How do I assess a role-play completed by students in a remote location?

A. A student in a remote location may video their practical activity and upload the video. The assessor may use exactly the same assessment process and marking guide as would be used in the classroom. Our context of assessment; instructions to the assessor; instructions to the student may be applied in any setting.

You may consider offering some guidance to the student on recording options: phone, tablet, camera.

Q. Can I edit the material?

A. No. There's no need. We are more than happy however, to accept feedback and validate and improve our resources.

Q. Can Assessment Online be accessed offline?

A. No. There's no need. Simply ensure your students have access to reliable Internet when they enroll.

Q. Are my credit card details secure?

A. Yes, we use the eWAY online credit card management system. https://www.eway.com.au eWay is a member of Gobal Payments, a leading worldwide provider of online payment technology. Your credit card details are not retained by Assessment Online.

Q. Are the personal details of my students, trainers and RTO secure?

A. Yes, Amazon Web Services is known for its security and integrity. Amazon Web Services is one of the most renowned providers of cloud storage solutions in the world.

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