We Load YOUR Assessment Material

We'll load your assessment material for you - no charge! Yes, that's right! Make complicated simple. Don't get bogged down with the laborious task of loading assessment tools. Your time is money.

Continue to use the assessment approach you're already comfortable with, just move it online.

Your material is completely private and secure. Accessed through your unique SubDomain, delivered to your RTO team and your students only.

We’ve Got You Covered

Speak directly with Richard Turner, Assessment Online CEO. Richard specialises in assessment design and development and will work with you to ensure the online presentation will suit your assessors and students.

RTOs may have purchased their assessment material from a range of developers, written their own or have a combination of purchased and 'home grown' material that has evolved over time. Richard will build a customised table of contents and menu suited to the material you have available.

Pay Your Way

Step 1 - No Charge

Discuss your assessment requirements with Richard Turner. When you select a mutually agreed assessment approach (based on your material) we will load your first unit of competency. We'll continue an open dialogue and arrive at the most suitable format for you and your team to move forward.

Step 2 - No Charge

Register your RTO in a matter of minutes. You're in complete control

Register your RTO details and build a profile in minutes.

  • Select your unit, assign your trainer, assign your student
  • Test, measure and validate the system
  • Discuss the first unit with your team

Step 3 - Your Account

$6.00+GST per unit of competency. Invoiced monthly.

  • Based on your activity
  • No minimum use
  • No package
  • No obligation

Your access fee is just $150+GST per month.

  • Your assessment material is private
  • Storage on Amazon AWS
  • System support
  • Web hosting
  • Security

How it Works

Start with the Explainer Video. This offers a simple overview of what's on offer

Read the User Guides. We've developed detailed instructions that will support each stakeholder

Check our list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If there's anything else, you'd like answered or explained let us know. Contact Richard Turner directly.

Cloud Security

Security and integrity must be considered when selecting a cloud-based data management solution. Amazon Web Services is one of the most renowned providers of cloud storage solutions in the world. The ultimate in a secure cloud-based data management solution. A modern, practical solution suited to RTOs in the 21st century.

Your assessment records are 'at your fingertips', accessible at any time. Retained in soft copy, no paper, no storage issues.

Yes, we will store your completed student's work for 6 months from the date the student completes the unit of competency at NO CHARGE. The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) requires RTOs to retain all evidence of the student's completed assessment for a period of 6 months. When 6 months has passed we'll discuss your future retention and storage options. You're in control.

Assessment Online

Backed by Richard Turner’s 31 year’s experience in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector, Assessment Online is engaging and responsive. Our goal is to provide a state-of-the-art online assessment system that will empower clients to achieve best practice assessment results with excellent student outcomes.

The ongoing viability and sustained growth of our clients is foremost in the business philosophy of Assessment Online.

We have created an innovative, user-friendly platform to assess your students.




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